One of Staircraft’s highly rated products is the i-joist floor kit. Here we’ll have a deeper dive into i-joists, how to fit floor joists, and why they’re so important to Staircraft’s range.

Staircraft operates from 9 manufacturing facilities, across 3 sites in the Midlands, covering over 200,000 square feet. Our team are passionate about manufacturing products that improve site safety and provide hassle-free installation. Our investment in CNC technology is market leading, specifically designed to create innovative, time saving and safety solutions for tradespeople.

Over recent years i-joists and floor decking/adhesives have been added to our product portfolio and often supplied with stairs for a fully integrated solution. With this, Staircraft has in a short period of time, become one of the largest engineered Floor Kit providers in the UK.

Our new technology i-joist production plant is a natural progression for the business and is part of a massive investment programme, which will see the company enter new markets with innovative products. Our i-joists are produced in a new state-of-the-art facility in Coventry, a few miles from the company’s head office.

Our precision-made i-joists feature a high-quality timber flange combined with an enhanced OSB web. The joint between the web and flange has been engineered to increase strength and there are no web joints, traditionally the weakest part of an i-joist.

What is an i-joist?

I-joists, named for their shape, are engineered wood joists. Specifically, they’re designed to remove the issues that tend to occur when using traditional timer joists such as shrinkage or squeaks. I-joists are lightweight yet purposefully strong for all construction projects plus they are produced with strict quality controls. This means imperfections that can be found in natural timbers don’t exist in our products.

What are i-joists used for?

I-joists are used to support the open area floor, especially when forming the upper storey in a dwelling. Staircraft recommends using these as they’re easier to handle and install thanks to their lightweight nature.

I-joist installation guide

Our installation process is simple and easy to follow.

How to fit our floor joists:

          1. I-joist packs will arrive on site with pre-cut notches on the ends where needed
          2. Ensure the i-joists are fitted with the notches facing up – DO NOT install with the notches facing down
          3. Set the i-joists out at their required positions using 22x75mm safety bracing (supplied) laid in the notch
          4. Fix the bracing with a single nail or screw to each i-joist it passes over. Lengths of bracing can be butt-jointed over the middle of a joist, and fixed with a single nail or screw on each side
          5. Leave the bracing in position to act as perimeter support for the floor decking, there is no need to cut and fit traditional perimeter noggings with z-clips.