At Staircraft, we are proud to be industry experts as a door and staircase manufacturer in addition to our innovative floor-kit offering. View our door frame installers advice here.

A Complete Door-Kit

We believe that installation should be easy. By listening to our customers, we’ve changed our offering to provide our customers with door installation kits, going above and beyond by supplying the additional extras required for a complete door installation.

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Storage Guidance

All Door-Kit Products are manufactured to precise tolerances using materials that have a low moisture content. This must be maintained both during storage and installation. Both Linings and Doors should be kept in their protective packaging used for delivery and placed on a level surface clear of the floor.

Door-Kit Installation Recommendations

Openings should be made 66mm larger than the door width and 52mm larger than the height to allow for packing and adjustments as needed.

When fitting to a block wall, it is recommended that a plywood sub-liner is installed before plastering.

Frames and Linings

Place the lining on a flat surface. Screw the head to the jambs using screws with a maximum length of 32mm. Ensure all parts are aligned correctly. Using a battery drill is recommended.

Position the assembled frame into the opening ensuring that the hinge jamb is plumb first, then ensure both the head and latch jamb are square and plumb. Temporarily fix the pre-drilled holes using a minimum of 2 x 63mm long steel screws into each jamb.

Any gaps around Fire Door frames should be filled with mineral wool or intumescent mastic paste. Permanently fix the lining using all the pre-drilled holes provided. You can temporarily install a dummy door to double-check the lining is square and plumb.

Hinges and Latches

Hinges and latches are pre-installed onto the doors for ease of installation. Remove the male hinges from the door and install the pre-cut pockets on the jamb. Ensure the hinge is flush with the frame. Install the keep in the pre-cut pocket. We do not recommend using an impact driver to install the hinges to the frame.

Carry out a final check, ensuring a 2mm gap evenly around the door. Finally, fix the doorstop ensuring there are no rattles.